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I haven't really modified my SRX yet but here are a few things you can do;

I searched the internet for anything about the SRX250, I came on a lot of Japanese sites, there I found a couple of intersting pictures (I can't read the text).

First of all I've found an other exhaust, I don't know anything about it, I only have a picture of it, I think it looks great, this SRX has an disc brake in the rear wheel but to proof that this is really a SRX250 you can click the picture for more pictures of this exhaust and the rest of the bike.

Click picture for more pictures of this exhaust (and the very nice SRX where it's fitted on)

On these Japanese sites I also found out that almost all their SRX250 motorcycles have their fairing removed and they have a round head light.

Almost every asian SRX (that I've seen) has clip-ons and this one even has a (loose) rear discbreak.